Completed Projects

In this section we present projects that the company has implemented or has taken part with the production and installation of steel structures. Here we show buildings and structures with various function and purpose, i.e. warehouses, logistic facilities, sports facilities.

Production Buildings

Among some of the strengths of "Strimona" are perhaps the factory buildings or all that is associated with the production.As soon as the Company made a decision to take the path of offering the investors a complete solutions,until now we have built dozens of industrial buildings in various fields of industry.

Warehouses and Logistic

The logistics centres/ logistics parks that STRIMONA Group builds are multifarious in architectural design. Normally, such projects require modular solutions and fast implementation. Strimona Stroy is able to perform the planning and management of such projects. What is more, we can offer the implementation of all major construction stages.

Trade Buildings

Trade centres give a good opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of construction of high quality steel buildings. In such projects meeting the deadline for opening the construction site is exclusively important. Therefore, they require very good coordination and organization during the building process.

Agricultural buildings

In this Sub-section we strive to demonstrate another type of buildings included in Strimona’s Portfolio.We have built agricultural buildings summarizing everything that is associated with raising animals,plants or food,fertilizers storage etc.


Thanks to our good trade policy we were able to develop our own product,called ‘My Metal Building’.A steel structure with an aperture of 12 m and a distance between key frames of 6 m allowed us to develop a variety of solutions,one of which we have very successfully imposed as a car repairs shop.Of course,we build also projects which are fully consistent with the wishes and views of our investors and again in symbiosis with the design teams,we work with.

Sport and Culture

Along with Strimona’s buildings based on steel structures and based on popularity we have gained over the last few years on the Bulgarian market,we had the opportunity to work on a project requiring extremely short deadlines.

Petrol Stations

Strimona works also on another type of projects-Petrol stations.So far we have participated as a Subcontractor in ‘Construction’ Part of several projects in Bulgaria,part of the investment programme of Lukoil Bulgaria.Outside the territory of our country we have completed another project in the Town of Pristina,Kosovo.