Our double twisted mesh protects side surfaces with a big incline, controls the ground erosion, stabilizes earth surfaces and strengthens slopes. The protective mesh stops the stone falls and controls the stream and drainage of the surface waters.
The gabions are characterized by high flexibility, durability, solidity, water permeability and economy and they fit perfectly in the environment. Their application is mainly for preventing erosive problems, for protecting embankments, for erecting supporting walls and for hydrotechnical facilities.

About Gabions

Gabions are rectangular modules of various sizes. Gabions are filled with river or quarry stone of suitable fraction tailored to the mesh size. Gabions are characterized by high flexibility, durability, strength, water permeability, inexpensiveness. Gabions fit perfectly into the environment. Gabions are mainly used to prevent erosion issues, to protect slopes, construct retaining walls, hydraulic structures and more.

Advantages of Gabions

Advantages of gabions are: a minimal amount of work to prepare the main facilities. Simple construction that does not require numerous skilled workforce at installation. No construction of new drainage devices /systems/ is needed as gabion structure is permeable. Gabions are much cheaper and faster to apply in any case. Gabions are easy to install and extremely good for rapid stabilization of land surfaces and drainage of water. Gabions are made of double twisted /hexagonal/ mesh according to EN 10233-3.