One of the Group’s activities is production of welded steel structures for offshore installations and harbor infrastructure, which are a challenge and a criterion for high quality. After successfully passing many audits regarding the organization of the production process (incoming inspection and traceability of materials, welding quality and control, quality surface processing, dimensional control of the assembly joints and the final products, documenting the production process and last, but not least, ensuring safe labour conditions), today the STRIMONA Group is a reliable supplier of welded steel structures for offshore installations and harbor infrastructure. Our policy is to raise our staff’s qualifications and skills and to use new and highly effective machines, which is a guarantee for maintaining and raising the level of our products.

Steel Structures Features

Steel structures for offshore installations and port infrastructure differ from the structures of buildings and facilities because of the more specific requirements for their design, manufacturing and execution, dictated by their specific operating conditions. Every single element of a steel structure under construction must be manufactured under the conditions of very serious production control, which we mentioned above, and which the Strimona Group can guarantee. The next step, upon completion of production, in the part of the individual steel elements, is to proceed with a trial installation of steel structures or their main assembly units. In order to accomplish this crucial step, the manufacturer must not only have the necessary terrain and equipment, but also very well-trained installation crews able to solve and eliminate professionally encountered problems during the work process. This step guarantees a smooth and fast installation of steel structures, which in turn provides significant security when implemented in real life conditions.

Anti-Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures

Steel structures for offshore installations and port infrastructure are constantly exposed to the effects of seawater and, in particular, the dissolved salts therein. This category of corrosion is designated as C5-M in the standard BDS EN ISO12944:1998-Part 2 as the most aggressive operating environment of steel load-bearing structures. Multi-layer paint systems of considerable thickness and with the highest requirements for their application are implemented for the anti-corrosion protection of these facilities. Therefore, the true challenge associated with the Steel structures for offshore installations is the implementation of their anti-corrosion protection.