STRIMONA‘s Special Offer on GALFAN Gabions


GALFAN gabions are made of wire with a coating of 95% Zn and 5% AL. The wire coating of GALFAN gabions appears darker than that of pure zinc coating due to the aluminium content. Researches, laboratory tests and experiments testify its superiority over the zinc-coated gabions with its corrosion resistance being almost three times more durable than that of zinc-coated gabions.

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  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx1mx1m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm - BGN 58/unit.
  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx0.5mx0.5m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm – BGN 33/unit.
  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx1mx0.5m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm – BGN 43/unit.

All prices exclude VAT, EXW Strimona, Petrich
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Lecture before students in the course at the School of International Welding Engineers at the Technical University - Sofia


On 16.10.2020 Engineer Marusya Georgieva and Engineer Iliya Shivachev delivered a lecture before the students at the School of International Welding Engineers at the Technical University - Sofia with the following subject: “Guiding steelwork structure for the building of a bridge facility (Launching nose) – Production and installation within the quality assurance systems implemented and maintained by STRIMONA for ensuring conformity with the requirements of the active standards – ISO 9001:2015; EN 1090-2; EN 3834-2”.

Industrial Construction by Strimona Stroy


Strimona Stroy EOOD's many years of experience and professionalism in industrial construction is shown on a number construction sites around the country. We develop this activity qualitatively, with the necessary technological equipment and highly qualified staff. Another project in the industrial construction sector is Baumit Bulgaria EOOD, where the company has performed the complete construction of the site.

More about Strimona Stroy Construction Company.

Offer for gabions


Gabions Week. From 02.10.2019 to 10.10.2019 promotional prices for gabions with size: 200cm x 100cm x 100cm. The price is 60lv./pcs. without VAT.

Best gabion prices for our customers! Check out our suggestions for mesh fence.

Strimona Stroy EOOD supported the campaign “I imagine tomorrow…” organized by the foundation “The Good Deeds Volotime “.


The campaign included an essay entitled “I imagine tomorrow…”, a subject students from universities throughout the country had to write on. The purpose was to provide an opportunity for the students to use the power of written words and transfer their message to more people in the community who would follow them and become their adherents. The idea is that participants in the contest use Bulgarian language and words literately to present their vision of “tomorrow” as abstract as it can be. The students’ notions of the future as a reason and prerequisite for action to accomplish goals tomorrow. To depict in words their imagination of the ambitions and values, which will rule our everyday lives. To draw up a kind of forecast of the situation of society. To feel the pulse of the generation that will be leading us …