Strimona is expanding its product range

Expanding its product range, Strimona now offers electrically welded gabions on the market as well.

The electrically welded gabions offered by Strimona can be of two types depending on the coating. The first option is electrowelded galvanized gabions with a minimum of 240 g/sq. m. Zn. This is the more budgetary option. The second option is gabions of rectangular modules made of electrically welded mesh made of wire with GALFAN coating /95%Zn + 5%Al/ providing high anti-corrosion protection, which are assembled on site and filled with stone. According to the objectives of the application, they can be additionally landscaped to achieve environmentally friendly architectural effects.
Advantages of GALFAN

GALFAN is a coating that is an alloy of zinc and aluminum. It has many times higher anti-corrosion protection compared to hot-dip galvanizing. It allows perfect adhesion of the coating without violating its integrity /peeling, cracking/. It is an alternative to stainless steel alloy coatings.
Electrically welded gabions from Strymona are used in:
  • Construction of retaining walls
  • Strengthening of canals and river beds
  • Strengthening and stabilizing of the soil
  • Erosion protection and landslide control
  • Strengthening and protecting of roads and bridges
  • Construction of various hydraulic structures, dams and culverts.
  • Various landscaping and architectural applications
  • Construction of soundproofing walls

Cost-effective alternative to concrete and masonry structures
Low transport costs
Quick and easy installation, no wet processes or need for a skilled workforce
High strength and resistance to external loads of gabion structures
Preservation of the integrity of the structure in the event of mechanical damage
Minimal post-installation operating costs and long service life
Aesthetic and environmentally friendly appearance, which makes them suitable for various landscape solutions.

What are the advantages of electrically welded gabions over knitted ones?
  • Better aesthetic appearance due to minimal deformation during installation, which makes them more suitable for the implementation of landscape solutions.
  • Faster and easier installation
  • Greater strength of gabion structures due to their construction from wires with a larger diameter.

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