The main activity of the STRIMONA Group is production and assembly of steel structures for buildings. We develop this activity for 25 years. We have all the necessary technological equipment and qualified staff. We are one of the first organizations in Bulgaria to cover the standard EN ISO 3834-2 and subsequently the standard EN 1090-2. The fact that we are one of the founders of the Bulgarian Association of Metal Structures is a high evaluation for our professionalism. As of today, we proudly stand in the top 5 of Bulgarian companies engaged in this particular activity, with a market share of approximately 10 percent.

Metal Structures Benefits

The metals are indisputable and universal modern construction materials. Designers prefer Metal structures, in particular Steel structures, when choosing a main load-bearing structure of some of the most complex and responsible buildings and structures implemented on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad. Above all, metal structures achieve the functional versatility of load-bearing structures in general, regardless of their application (in construction, mechanical engineering, industry, etc.), regardless of their type, shape, size, needs of buildings and structures. The expansion of steel structures as the main load-bearing structures of buildings and facilities has given considerable freedom to the realization of large-scale buildings, large openings and extremely complex geometries. Another important advantage of metal structures that should not be underestimated is their high seismic stability. The metal has the property of redistributing the effort and stresses during overloading, resulting in a relaxation of the stress state in the metal supporting structures without compromising their load-bearing capacity. Weighing the advantages, it is impossible not to emphasize the opportunities offered by metal structures, where a reconstruction, reinforcement and modernization of already existing buildings and structures are required. In this category, metal structures are a clear winner over reinforced concrete structures. All sceptics would provoke questions about the tendency of metal structures to corrode and their fire resistance.

Metal Structures Today

Nowadays, of course, these issues have been resolved by offering different effective products on the market for anti-corrosion protection of metals, regulated in 1998 by the European standard EN ISO 12944 – “Paints and varnishes” as well as effective products for passive fire protection of structures, which have been proven to guarantee long life of metal structures without corrosion and significantly increase reaction time in case of fire in buildings with a metal bearing frame. In the past, reinforced concrete structures were preferred in the selection of the main structural support of buildings and facilities due to the lack of sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of metal structures. To date, as part of the Bulgarian Association for Metal Structures, knowing inwardly the implementation and execution of metal structures on the territory of Bulgaria and in particular abroad, we can proudly state that Bulgaria has enough well-trained specialists with the help of which the most sophisticated buildings and facilities of world-class quality can be designed, manufactured and installed.

Completed Projects