STRIMONA‘s Special Offer on GALFAN Gabions

GALFAN gabions are made of wire with a coating of 95% Zn and 5% AL. The wire coating of GALFAN gabions appears darker than that of pure zinc coating due to the aluminium content. Researches, laboratory tests and experiments testify its superiority over the zinc-coated gabions with its corrosion resistance being almost three times more durable than that of zinc-coated gabions.

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  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx1mx1m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm - BGN 58/unit.
  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx0.5mx0.5m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm – BGN 33/unit.
  • GALFAN Gabion 8/10, size: 2mx1mx0.5m, wire: 2.70mm/3.40mm – BGN 43/unit.

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Рroduction of gabions
Gabions are produced and shipped with all parts tied together during production. The front, base, back and lid of the gabions is a single unit. The diaphragms are connected to the base of the gabion. All selvedge wires of the mesh forming the box and the lid, have a larger diameter. The gabion is divided into cells by diaphragms positioned at approximately every 1 m. The diaphragms are always fixed in position to the base and no further lacing is necessary at the worksite.

The stones must be hard, angular to round, durable and of quality that they must not disintegrate when exposed to water or weathering for the life of the structure. Stones can vary from 100 mm to 200 mm. The size of the stones can be 5% oversized and/or 5% undersized, if they are not to be placed on the gabion exposed surface. The size must be such that at least two layers of stone have to be while filling the gabions.

Gabions of 1 Meter Height
One meter gabions must be filled in three layers, approximately 330 mm each layer. Connecting wires ought to be placed following the filling of every layer, specifically at around 330 mm high and around 660 mm high.

Gabions of 0.50 Meter Height
Gabions of 50 centimetres do not need connecting wires except if the gabions are utilised to construct vertical structures. Occasionally, these gabions ought to be filled in two layers of 250 mm. Connecting wires ought to be placed following the filling of the former layer at a height of 250mm.

Securing of the Gabion
When the gabion is filled fully, the lid has to join all the perimeter edges. The lid must be tightly laced and/or fastened through all sides, ends and tops of diaphragms. No tools are needed.

Gabion Alterations
If required by the engineer the gabions may be cut, folded and fastened to fit worksite circumstances. The mesh shall be cut and extra mesh can be folded back or overlaid in order to be firmly fastened with fasteners or lacing wire. Restructured gabions must be compiled, set up, filled and sealed as described earlier.