Prior activity of the STRIMONA Group is production and assembly of steel structures for industry plants. We develop this activity professionally and we have all the necessary technological equipment and qualified staff. We cover the necessary EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-2 standards and observe the requirements for safe labour conditions. We demonstrate our professionalism not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe. Proofs for our highly qualified work are the multiple successfully completed projects in Bulgaria and in Europe.

More About Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is designed to meet the needs of different types of production. The first steel structures used in Bulgaria for foreign projects are precisely in the part of industrial construction. In the beginning, industrial buildings were mostly single-storeyed and rarely multi-storeyed, but with the development of technology, the design and construction of this type of building becomes more and more complex and challenging. In industrial construction, the main load-bearing structures can be made entirely of steel, reinforced concrete or mixed of steel and reinforced concrete. The type of construction is largely dictated by the nature of the production which needs are to be met. The layout and composition solution of the building structures in the industrial construction and the type of the main load-bearing structure are significantly influenced by the location of the stationary furnishings, the type of in-house transport, the natural lighting, the ventilation, etc.

Industrial Construction Today

To date, steel structures are increasingly preferred for the implementation of sites in industrial construction. In addition to meeting the needs of industrial buildings from large unobstructed spaces, in which all the necessary equipment will be accommodated, taking full account of the needs of the specific technological design, steel structures also have a very high load-bearing capacity and seismic stability. This industry as a whole is a very dynamic environment in which we see a constant need for change and improvement. Therefore, in industrial construction it is very important that the load-bearing structures chosen allow for future, easy and fast reconstruction, expansion and modernization. Here is the other strength of steel structures. Their components can be easily and quickly disassembled and replaced with new ones. In the recent years, we have seen a significant development in industrial construction, and in particular in its expansion and modernization. Strimona Group boasts of the successful completion of many significant sites in the industry, making us a reliable partner in such a complex and challenging world of industrial construction.

Completed Projects