The STRIMONA Group has its own nomenclature of products, manufactured and strictly measured with the purpose of achieving the best optimized decisions. Here are some of our products that are well-accepted on the market:

  • Fence panels BGS - Panel
  • Fence panels BGS - Panel Flat
  • Fence posts BGS – Pоst
  • Electro-welded wire mesh fence BGS - Roll
  • BGS - Net
  • Barbed wire BGS – BW
  • Reinforcement plaster mesh BGS - Stucco

Characteristics of Mesh Fence

Electro-welded Mesh Fences are made using semi-rigid galvanized wire, offering proven quality and durability at affordable prices. Among the main benefits of Mesh Fences is the extremely easy installation, which can be done by non-professionals. Mesh Fences are suitable for fencing of houses, villas, farms, cages of large birds or small animals, as well as for the construction of underwater fish farms.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences are made using interlacing hot-dip galvanized wires. Among the main benefits of Chain Link Fences is the exceptional durability and ability to achieve an optimal budget by choosing from a wide range of combinations between wire thickness and mesh size. Chain Link Fences are suitable for use in agriculture, livestock, industry and the military industry.

Completed Projects