Strimona Stroy EOOD supported the campaign “I imagine tomorrow…” organized by the foundation “The Good Deeds Volotime “.

The campaign included an essay entitled “I imagine tomorrow…”, a subject students from universities throughout the country had to write on. The purpose was to provide an opportunity for the students to use the power of written words and transfer their message to more people in the community who would follow them and become their adherents. The idea is that participants in the contest use Bulgarian language and words literately to present their vision of “tomorrow” as abstract as it can be. The students’ notions of the future as a reason and prerequisite for action to accomplish goals tomorrow. To depict in words their imagination of the ambitions and values, which will rule our everyday lives. To draw up a kind of forecast of the situation of society. To feel the pulse of the generation that will be leading us …
The team of Strimona Stroy EOOD supported the campaign because we believe that it is of great importance how young people would like to see themselves and the environment around them tomorrow. When people have an idea of that, they should become more motivated to accomplish their goals. The campaign is a means of giving the students a challenge to think of and provoke themselves to imagine the life of tomorrow. To tell us about their visions and the expectations they have. Thus, they will independently feel the necessary motivation for accomplishing their goals and making their dreams come true. A campaign created to inspire young people today to become successful and creative tomorrow!

The awarding ceremony took place in the New Bulgarian University where the finalists were awarded and congratulated. The host of the awarding event was NOVA’s journalist Miroslava Ivanova.