Machinery and equipment
The welding is done in welding workshop. We have the highest class of welding machines LINCOLN ELECTRIC POWER WAVE S350 CE and CEBORA SOUND MIG 3840/TS STAR PULSE. Our welders are certified pursuant to AWSd1.1 and EN ISO 9606-1 by the methods of MIG/MAG (meltable electrode in an inert/active gas environment), SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) and TIG (tungsten inert gas welding). The quality of the welding joints is guaranteed by our constant control over the welding process. Our certified European welding engineer (EWE) and our quality control inspectors execute visual testing (VT), ultrasonic testing (UT) and liquid penetrant testing (PT) of the welding joints. When a radiographic testing of the welding joints is needed, the STRIMONA Group uses the services of a certified laboratory for nondestructive testing, Controltest OOD. This is an accredited testing laboratory, type A.

Machinery and equipment

CB 3040 EN

Portal machine flux core arc welding of profiles

CB 3040 BG

Welding set CV 3040 for submerged arc welding of cylindrical vessels

Cebora EN

Cebora sound mig 3840/TS Star Pulse

Lincoln EN

Power Wave S350 CE welding power source for all welding methods with external wire feeder LF-45

izpraviane EN

H-Profile&T-Profile Assembly Post-Welding Straightening Machine