Machinery and equipment
After automated blusting, the materials go to the workshop for cutting and machining. The workshop has a total area of 1900 square meters and is serviced by five bridge cranes. The workshop is equipped with modern machines for sheet metal and profile cutting, many of which are with program controls, thus guaranteeing high quality and precision while cutting the elements.

About Laser Cutting

Our customers rely on us to comply with their criteria such as high quality and geometric precision of selected cutting material and therefore laser technology is our key partner. This is also one of the fastest growing technologies in the domain of, but not limited to, the flat steel sheet processing. Using highly concentrated beam energy in combination with the precise control open up vast horizons of laser cutting application. A short path of laser beam enables high speed, fastness, and accuracy of laser cutting and minimum section width.

Laser Cutting Benefits

Among the advantages of Laser Cutting is the high cleanliness and precision levels of cutting, the cut surface is very smooth and requires no additional machining, which is extremely important in machine details. In laser cutting, the thermal impact zone along the edges of cutting workpiece is insignificant, that no other cutting technology is able to offer. In laser cutting, technological operations for the manufacturing of small and medium series in machining of workpiece with complex configuration and requirements of precision and speed are significantly reduced. Lasers used in the production of Strimona Group make it possible to achieve the highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability, and performance completely environmentally friendly.

Machinery and equipment


Laser cutting of flat steel and pipes


CNC machine for gas-oxygen and plasma cutting

sbt 3020 EN

Hydraulic Guillotine Scissors

ADR 30320 EN

CNC Hydraulic folding press Durma AD-R 30320

listoogyvashta EN

Metal sheet bending machine HRB-4 2510

multiP80 EN

Hydraulic punching machine Durma multi P 80

figurno riazane EN

Pipe Pattern-Cutting CNC Plasma Cutter

DB 900R EN

Automatic profile drilling line with CNC control IM DB 900R

DCB-M-560 EN

Two-Column band saw machine semi-automatic Durma DCB-M 560


Hydraulic three-roll bending machine PBH 240

IW55-110 EN

Combined hydraulic press shears Durma IW 55110